So I came across an interesting article today that claims that there is a link between cancer risks and height.  Apparently the risk of being diagnosed with cancer increases as a women’s height increases.  That’s definitely good news for women who are vertically challenged; not so good news for super model-esque women. 

British researchers conducted a longitudinal study that followed over a million women over the span of 10 years.  The researchers discovered that even after taking into account the different lifestyles and backgrounds of the women, height still remained a factor in determining whether a woman would be diagnosed with cancer.  Believe it not, for every 4 inches that a woman increases in stature, her risks of having cancer at some point in her lifetime shoots up 16%. 

Perhaps even scarier than knowing that being tall increases the odds of having the “Big C” is that our more statuesque counterparts are more likely to develop breast, ovary, and uterine cancers, in addition to leukemia (cancer of the blood) and melanoma (skin cancer).

Scientists aren’t sure why height and cancer are linked, but you can rest assured that the research will continue to find a clear answer.

Clearly, one has no control over how tall they will grow to be.  However, it is highly advisable that you do make certain lifestyle changes  for the better to minimize the risk of being diagnosed with this terrible disease.  Lifestyle modifications may include but aren’t limited to eating a well balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight in proportion to your height (BMI), ditching a sedentary existence for a more active one, and scheduling regular physical exams with your primary health care provider.

Remember to keep a healthy demeanor…inside and out 🙂