So i was driving home from work one day and heard a disturbing, yet intriguing story on the radio.  Apparently a women caught her husband cheating and became infuriated.  Obviously she let her anger build up inside of her until she couldnt contain in anymore.  While her husband was sleeping, she pulled a Lorena Bobbit and chopped his penis off.  As if that wasn’t harsh enough, she proceeded to throw his penis down the garbage disposer. 😐

I was in total disbelief.  I understand being mad about being cheated on, but damn.  Throwing it down the drain was just overboard.  I joke with my boyfriend that I would cut the head off if I ever found him to be unfaithful, but never the whole penis.  Let’s just put the legal consequences on the backburner.  The penis is a wonderful gift from God to women.  It’s a good stress reliever, excercise component, and work of art, among other things.  It’s good for your mental,physical, and sexual health. 

All I’m saying is think before you cut…revenge can be found in other ways.  We all know a women scorned aint nothing to mess with.

Remember to keep a healthy demeanor, both inside and out.