“Go lay down and take a nap.”  Im sure you’ve heard those words or a phrase similar to that while you were growing up as a kid.  Most kids hated taking naps, but it turns out that caregivers may have had a valid reason for sending kids to an afternoon snooze fest.  Naps can be incredibly relaxing and good for your health.  As progressive women in this 21st century, our lives can get pretty hectic at times.  Busy schedules leads to stress, which can wreak havoc on your cardiovascular (heart) system.   Stress can raise your blood pressure, give you hypertension, and ultimately put you at risk for heart disease.  BTW, heart disease is the number one killer of women in America.  How can you prevent such maladies? Take a nap.  A good 30-60 minute nap should suffice.  Researchers from Allegheny College conducted a study to test this theory.  Half of the subjects were allowed to nap for an hour and were given a series of math problems to solve after they woke up.  The other half of the group weren’t allowed to sleep and had to take the test immediately.  They found that both groups expereinced a rise in blood pressure and pulse, but the nappers’ blood pressure and pulse didnt skyrocket and returned to baseline faster.  Bottom line: Numbers don’t lie.  You’re better equiped to take on the world when you’re well rested.  If you’re too busy ripping and running during the day, squeeze in more sleep at night by turning in 15-30 mins earlier.  No one is gonna take better care of you than you.


Remember, keep a healthy demeanor….both inside and out 🙂