So it’s Saturday morning and I’m up before 11am…not my ideal situation.  I have been moving and unpacking all week (no real progress made yet) and would have liked to spend the better part of my weekend relaxing in bed, but I’m at work.  Why? Simplybecause I’d rather make money and build my savings account back up than lie around doing nothing.  Story of my life.  But for all of you lucky ladies who don’t have to work this weekend, here are some tips to help relax from the work week.  These are inexpensive ideas to help you guys feel like you’re “balling on budget.”

  • Listen to soothing or relaxing music that will help you forget about your worries.  For example, reggae songs have about 60 beats a minute.  This automatically slows down your heart rate, which in turn relaxes your body.  Dont worry…be happy, mon 🙂
  • Sure it would be great to get a weekly massage after a stressful week, but many of us don’t have the time or money to afford that luxury.  Instead use tennis balls to help relieve tension.  Some great spots to apply pressure are the shoulders, neck, and feet.  This simulates a deep tissue massage.  Now thats what I call a good use of tennis balls…no sun or exhausting heat required.
  • Take a soothing bath using all the essentials…bath salts, aromatherapy or scented candles, and a neck pillow.  If you don’t have any real bubble bath handy, it’s ok to use dish washing liquid.  Trust me, I’ve been using it for years.
  • Dance like no one is watching.
  • Try yoga or pilates.  I personally prefer pilates.  Bonus: Pilates is better if you want to tone up your body. 
  • Kick back and enjoy a bowl of ice cream or 2, watch TV, and snuggle with your love bug in your pajamas…or in the nude.  Totally up to you.


Remember, to keep a healthy demeanor both inside and out.