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Whether you wear it feel sexy, to please that special someone, or to avoid the dreaded panty line, thongs are often a staple in a woman’s wardrobe.  Before you slip into a thong, you may want to weigh the risks versus the benefits of wearing one.

Thongs have earned the nickname of “butt floss” and that may be with good reason.  The way the thong was engineered, it collects bacteria and fecal matter from your booty and transfers it into your vagina.  What a great way to get an infection!  It can lead to vaginal infections, i.e. yeast infections, once in the vagina or if the bacteria enters the urethra (your pee hole located just above the vaginal orafice), you can contract an urinary tract infection (UTI).  Not fun.  This transfer of bacteria happens when the fabric moves back and forth while you’re walking or adjusting yourself while sitting. 

When the thong constantly rubs against sensitive skin in the anal region or vagina, it creates tiny skin tears that are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria to cause infections.  Thongs can also irritate hemorrhoids, so be careful.  Do you ever go to the gym and see that one chick with a face full of makeup, wearing a baby tee, super tight pants, and a thong that you just wanna slap?  Well save yourself the assault and battery charges because she’s getting whats coming to her.  Exercise combined with sweating and wearing a thong increases the risk of yeast infections.  She won’t be too sexy with an itchy cooch. 

Moral of the story: you dont have to throw away your thongs, but I do advise that you don’t wear them to sleep or exercise in them.  Wearing a thong occassionally won’t hurt you…key word being occassionally.

Remember divas, to keep a healthy demeanor, both inside and out.