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Now that we’ve all become adults, my younger sister, my mother, and myself have gotten into the habit of borrowing one another’s shoes.  This is especially great when either of us are on in a fashion rut or needs a fabulous pair of shoes without spending our hard-earned cash.  Here’s the deal: 3 different women, 3 different shoe sizes.  Size 9, 10, and 8 feet respectfully.  Problem?  One of us is forcing our feet into too small shoes. 

Apparently, women across the nation, and probably across the sea are putting themselves and their poor feet into uncomfortable shoes everyday for the sake of being fashionable.  According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the number of women seeking healthcare due to foot pain has increased by a whopping 75% in recent years.  During this time, the average height of a heel increased from 3 inches to 5 inches.  Coincidence? Probably not.  Let’s be honest…no matter how much bad press our flat shoes and stilettos receive, we’re not getting rid of them any time soon.  Image is pretty much everything and a girl’s gotta look good. 

Just keep in mind that shoes that don’t provide sufficient arch support or cushion can lead to back pain and problems with your knees and ankles at the very least.  My dad always told me growing up that men liked women with pretty feet, so I try my best to keep my feet looking presentable.  Bunions, corns, hammertoe, and overlapping toes aren’t cute…at all.

I believe it’s quite possible to be cute and comfortable at the same time.  Stop killing yourself to look good.

Remember divas, to keep a healthy demeanor, both inside and out.