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Disgusting Discharge

Trichomoniasis is a type of sexually transmitted infection that doesn’t get much publicity, but should.  I don’t believe I’ve been taught about or even heard of until I began grad school.  No beuno.  As I progress through my clinical rotations, I am finding that many other females aren’t aware that Trichomoniasis existed either. Here’s a quick, crash course about this tricky infection.

  • 1/2 of those infected remain asymptomatic, meaning you won’t be able to tell if you have it
  • If you do notice any symptoms, it’ll be a itchy, gray or yellow-green, foul smelling (fishy) vaginal discharge
  • You may experience burning or other problems urinating
  • The pH of your vagina will increase, becoming more basic to about 4.5 or greater
  • Upon examination, the HCP will notice that your cervix will look like a strawberry because it’s covered by petechiae. My guess is this is a result of the Trich organisms, a parasite, eating away at your cervix.  Ouch!!!

Keep in mind that this is definately a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED infection and men are often asymptomatic.  Have your partner tested and treated whenever you are diagnosed.  All sexual activities should be avoided until you both are treated, have completed the prescribed regimen (a single dose of Flagyl), and are symptom free.

I’ll attach some lovely pictures below for your viewing pleasure.

Your motto for 2012 and beyond should be “Wrap it Up; No Glove, No Love!!!”

Remember ladies, to keep a healthy demeanor, inside and out.

Cervical PetechiaeStrawberry Cervix

Frothy Vaginal Discharge