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Have you ever had a pimple that just wouldn’t go away?  Has the pimple set up camp on your face (or anywhere else) longer than usual?

This can happen to the best of us.  It’s important to refrain from touching or “popping” the zit.  Although this is very hard and nearly impossible for some people, self control is crucial.  Not only will this prevent the chance of scarring, but it will reduce the chance of introducing bacteria into the skin.  If the pimple hasn’t resolved in a timely manner, it may be because you picked at it, which allowed bacteria to enter deep into your skin’s pores.  Once this occurs, it could be weeks before the harmful contents of the zit reach the surface and allow the pimple to begin the healing process.

A great treatment regimen is to apply a 2% salicyclic acid gel to the affected area after washing your face clean in the morning.  Clean and Clear makes a great, inexpensive spot acne treatment that can be used.  An even cheaper option would be to crush up an aspirin or 2 and mix it with a few drops of water.  Mix until you get a gritty consistency and apply to the affected area as needed to reduce redness and swelling.  Then before bed, apply a 3-5% benzoyl peroxide solution.  The salicyclic acid unclogs your pores so that the benzoyl peroxide can penetrate the skin and kill the bad bacteria.  Your skin should return to its normal state in no time.

What home remedies or commercial products do you swear by when you get a pimple?

Be sure to keep a healthy demeanor, both inside and out.