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Exciting news for reproductive aged women everywhere… Clearblue has announced that they have developed a pregnancy test that will not only detect pregnancy in a woman, but also estimate how far along in the pregnancy the woman may be.  This new and improved pregnancy test lets the woman know approximately how many weeks has passed since she last ovulated (when the ovary releases an egg).

The Clearblue home pregnancy test with “weeks estimator”  is scheduled to be sold in stores September 2013.  You can purchase a box of 2 tests for $19.99 or a box of 3 tests for $24.99.  A small price to pay for a little peace of mind.  Procter & Gamble Co. guarantees that their Clearblue test is at least 99% accurate in detecting pregnancy from the day of a missed period and 93% accurate in predicting the number of weeks that has elapsed since ovulation.

Positive pregnancy tests will read “pregnant” on the display and estimate 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks, or 3 or more weeks since ovulation and fertilization.  With an easy to read display (no more confusion with those “+” and “-“) and more predictive information, woman will probably make this their number 1 choice during that time of uncertainty.

There’s also a pregnancy test on the market that is accompanied by a smartphone app for all you tech savvy women.  The Pregnancy Pro by First Response is he first & ONLY Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled pregnancy test.  This pregnancy test has the ability to sync with a compatible smartphone and allow you to access an app that provides information and support based on the test result.  If you get an “YES”, then the app will provide you with support, information and pregnancy related resources.  If you get a “NO”, then you’ll receive information and resources that’ll help you conceive.  This is very cool and innovative!  For more information and coupons, visit: http://www.firstresponse.com/en/Products/Pregnancy/Pregnancy-PRO.