There’s good news for girls and women who suffer from anxiety associated with having anorexia.  Researchers have discovered that anorexic women who were prescribed supplemental estrogen experienced a decrease in anxiety.  Researchers studied a number of teenage girls over a period of 18 months.  They were split into two groups: 1 group received an estrogen patch, while the other group were given a placebo patch (no estrogen).

At the end of the study, they found that the girls receiving estrogen therapy showed a significant decrease in their chronic anxiety levels when compared with the placebo group.  The women whose estrogen levels increased the most had the biggest decreases in anxiety levels.

Although more studies are needed before clincians make estrogen therapy a standard part of anorexia treatment plans, these findings are promising.  The anxiety associated with anorexia nervosa is a major obstacle in treating the condition. Supplemental estrogen is also great for maintaining bone health and preventing bone loss.   If you or someone you care about suffer from anorexia and be sure ask your healthcare provider about estrogen supplements.

Remember to keep a healthy demeanor, both inside and out!