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Breast cancer survivors can now rejoice and breathe a sigh of relief.  A tattoo artist in Finksburg, Maryland is giving hope to breast cancer survivors who have had mastectomies and reconstructive surgery to have breasts again.  The surgeries are an important step in the journey to overcoming cancer and trying to live a normal life again.  For some women, having breasts were tied into their identity as a woman.  Without breasts, a woman may feel incomplete and self conscious.  Often times, women opt to have reconstructive surgery and may get implants in an effort to have breasts again.  Unfortunately, in the process they lose their nipples.  While advances in medicine and surgery offer decent solutions, surgeons weren’t trained to recreate a realistic nipple and areola. 

This is where tattoo artist, Vinnie Myers, comes into the picture.  He is able to create works of art through tattooing 3D nipples for breast cancer survivors.  His amazing shading technique gives him the ability to give the illusion of real areolas on the breast.  No matter what your skin tone is from pale Caucasian skin to charcoal Black, you can rest assured that you’ll leave satisfied.  While the price may seem a bit expensive at first glance ($600-800), keep in mind that a boost to a woman’s self esteem and confidence level is priceless. 

Clink the link below to check out a video documenting a woman’s trip to get new nipples and areolas from Vinnie.