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So apparently, in addition to being nervous about having a medical procedure performed, you now have to worry about the doctors using their cell phones during the procedure.  According to The Washington state Medical Quality Assurance Commission, they have decided to suspend the license of an anesthesiologist for sending sexually explicit text messages, or sexting as the kids would call it, during his surgeries.  For those of you who don’t know, sexting can be either sending sexually explicit photos, usually of one’s genitals and breasts or using text to talk dirty.

The commission also claims that this doctor used his authority to access medical records for his own sexual indulgence (you can draw your own conclusions there) and he was engaging in sexual activities on the job.

What ever happened to professionalism and self restraint?  What about the ethical pledge he took when he received his medical degree?  smh Doctors Healthcare professionals are supposed to put the patient at ease and assure them that they’re in good hands, not cause more anxiety in already stressful situation.  Too bad his hands were too full with his “instrument” to be a good healthcare provider.

While it’s unclear if his inappropriate behavior had a direct effect on any of his patients, you can rest assured the Commission will get to the bottom of this scandal.

In the meantime, do a thorough background check on your healthcare providers to ensure that you’ll receive the excellent care you deserve.

Remember ladies, to keep a healthy demeanor, both inside and out. 🙂